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Are you looking to eradicate your task list?

With an aim of helping business succeeds, we offer top quality call answering and administration services. Our company is one of the leading virtual assistant businesses recognized for the best results that we deliver. Here at Belmore Virtual, we provide you with almost everything you need to make your business succeed.

We assist your business by implementing the best business infrastructure, efficient time saving technology and know-how there is in the world today. Our approach is based on in-depth industry knowledge and practical experience. After we begin working with you, we develop an understanding of your business and your personal working preferences, we can then implement infrastructure and fine-tune it to maximum effectiveness. We help to implement profitable business strategies that improve your bottom line, using tested methods that already work for our other clients.


You certainly can not be permanently at your desk, which is why when you’re not there, Belmore is. Belmore makes sure you never miss a call again!


Are your invoices being paid on time? Belmore keep a close eye and track your credit control to ensure your clients are reminded to pay on time you are never waiting for an invoice to be paid again.


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Call Answering 90%
Administration 80%
Credit Control 70%
Customer Enquiries 85%
Marketing 80%