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If you own a small business, the holiday season can become a real annoyance. The staff is away, the phones are ringing and there are simply not enough people to get everything done.

Most customers who have tried contacting your business will not call back if nobody answers the first time. This is why, especially during the holiday season, it’s very important to get your call answered by somebody. Sure, you could probably have a machine take messages, but how many people will actually leave a message?

Very few, usually…

This is where a Virtual Assistant is worth his weight in gold. Not only can you enjoy your days off without stressing that things aren’t getting done, but you’ll already have a list of potential new customers to reach out to once you get back to it in the new year.

And this is only the first step. A VA can not only answer calls and take messages but could also handle clients and solve their problems. If you’re particularly busy, all you need to do is train your Virtual Assistant to deal with the most common issues that come up, offer relevant information to potential leads, and even book your meetings for when you come back.

Imagine coming back in the first day after the holiday and seeing that all of your meetings are already booked and you get to jump straight into bringing in new business.


So how can we help?


First of all, we can take your incoming calls. Sometimes they want to speak to you directly, in which case we can transfer the call over to you if available, or otherwise, take a message and forward you the information so you can call them back prepared.

We can schedule appointments and manage your diary via an electronic calendar. You’ll be able to jump straight from one meeting to the next, without wasting time calling, scheduling and confirming your meetings.

We can answer frequently asked questions so that people will get the relevant information about your business, your process or any other queries that may come up during a call from a client.

And much, much more…


Why should I use a virtual assistant?


First of all, people like dealing with people. And as people, we are usually annoyed when we have an issue that needs to be fixed and we’re taken through an endless array of questions asked by a robot, some of these irrelevant to the situation at hand. A virtual assistant can actually listen and make an assessment of the type and quality of inquiry, and if possible, solve it then and there, by providing the caller with the relevant information that they seek.

The way we have our business set-up, your clients won’t even know they’re not speaking to a member who’s not on your staff. You’ll get your own dedicated line, which we’ll answer with the name of Your Business. Everything is tracked through our own automated system.


Hire a Virtual Assistant!